Max & Nora

What a beautiful day and a beautiful family :)! This photography gig is so much more to me than I could have ever dreamed it would be! My passion increases daily and by a million after each session I am privileged to do. I truly have found an art that I love dearly but mostly I just love love love the chance to connect with others, build new friendships, and share life with other amazing people! Photography reminds me of God’s beauty in creation and His beauty in His people. This sweet little family is an incredible representation of beauty of a creative and amazing God! I am so thankful to have worked with these two little sweeties and also honored to have the opportunity to have worked with their family as well!! This little ones were so calm, kind, and full of energy…just the way I love it! I love little kids they are such a breath of fresh air and a constant reminder that sometimes we “BIG” people take things too seriously…Everytime I shoot young ones it’s like a new breath of the sweetest most refreshing air! It makes me laugh and I myself feel like a child again! I love that feeling…one I pray daily lingers and lingers even after the session 🙂 Max and Nora are sweet sisters whose daddy is serving in the military and is deployed but soon he will return and these two little ladies I know will be oh so excited!!! Oh and I’m pretty sure their momma will be too!! Noreyn, your girls are a delight and it was my pleasure to capture their undeniable beauty as well as your gorgeous family 🙂

Thank YOU!! ENJOY!

Here are a few of my favs…


Old Mountain Group-19
Old Mountain Group-2
Old Mountain Group-3
Old Mountain Group-5
Old Mountain Group-6
Old Mountain Group-10
Old Mountain Group-11
Old Mountain Group-12
Old Mountain Group-16
Old Mountain Group-21
Old Mountain Group-13
Old Mountain Group-20
Old Mountain Group-22
Old Mountain Group-23
Old Mountain Group-24
Old Mountain Group-26
Old Mountain Group-27
Old Mountain Group-15


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