Allie & Taylor

What a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony, and a beautiful couple! Allie & Taylor thank you for allowing me to share in such a gorgeous day! It truly was one for the books! You left no detail out and your love for one another is truly something to be envied! I love your story…highschool sweethearts. 🙂 I also love your dedicated and determined hearts as you both are realizing your career dreams! I pray you find joy in every area of your life and that many blessings flow into and out of your marriage! I can tell you will both love one another unconditionally and without reserve. I am just grateful to have been there to witness the true beauty of two hearts becoming one in the most creative and stunning of ways!! Cheers to a life of love and greatness!

Here are a few of my favs!
Allie Wedding-2
Allie Wedding-4
Allie Wedding-18
Allie Wedding-14
Allie Wedding-17
Allie Wedding-15
Allie Wedding-13
Allie Wedding-12
Allie Wedding-10
Allie Wedding-9
Allie Wedding-8Allie Wedding-7Allie Wedding-21Allie Wedding-23Allie Wedding-22Allie Wedding-24Allie Wedding-25

Allie Wedding-26

Allie Wedding-27

Allie Wedding-28

Allie Wedding-29

Allie Wedding-30

Allie Wedding-31Allie Wedding-32

Allie Wedding-33

Allie Wedding-34

Allie Wedding-35

Allie Wedding-36

Allie Wedding-37

Allie Wedding-38

Allie Wedding-39

Allie Wedding-40

Allie Wedding-41

Allie Wedding-42

Allie Wedding-43

Allie Wedding-44

Allie Wedding-45

Allie Wedding-46Allie Wedding-47

Allie Wedding-48

Allie Wedding-49

Allie Wedding-50

Allie Wedding-51

Allie Wedding-52

Allie Wedding-53

Allie Wedding-54

Allie Wedding-55

Allie Wedding-56

Allie Wedding-57


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