Bridal shower+Virginia Beach,VA

Seriously…I have been to many bridal showers in my day and this one was just stunning and so much fun!! From the decor to the games to the yummy food which I was encouraged to indulge in (trust me I did ;)) You don’t have to ask this foodies twice!! Not to mention some of the most gorgeous fun loving girls and the sweetest little bride 🙂 What a fun, exciting, and lovely day! It was so evident that this sweet girl was truly loved and so special to all of her friends and family! I was just thankful I got to have a little part in her beautiful love story!! Happy bridal shower to a beautiful bride to be!!

Here are a few of my favs!!

Noreyn Bridal
Noreyn Bridal-2
Noreyn Bridal-3
Noreyn Bridal-4
Noreyn Bridal-5
Noreyn Bridal-7
Noreyn Bridal-8
Noreyn Bridal-9
Noreyn Bridal-10
Noreyn Bridal-11
Noreyn Bridal-12
Noreyn Bridal-15
Noreyn Bridal-16
Noreyn Bridal-17
Noreyn Bridal-14
Noreyn Bridal-13


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