Family Session+Newport News, VA

Some of my most favorite photo sessions are those of family! It is always a treat! It is even more special when family travels from afar to visit and you have the opportunity to capture loved ones together after it’s been a while since their last meeting! It is truly special! I love how no matter how far you may be away families when they reunite can somehow pick right up where you last left off without skipping a beat! And even more beautiful is this family faced cancer head on when their wife, mother, and daughter, Robin, fell ill. By God’s grace and His miracle working power I am happy to report Robin is now cancer FREE! These photos as do all photos remind me that life is beautiful each step. And that 20 years from now you won’t care how you looked, what you were wearing but you will remember how you felt in that moment. That is what photos do. They stop time and capture the most precious and priceless gift – life in love. Thank you to this beautiful family for allowing me to join in your journey for even just a moment!

Here are a few of my favs!



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