Jennings Family Session+Yorktown,VA

This precious family is so adorable! Seriously, they showed up to the session and I said “I’m pretty sure you guys just stepped out of a Gap Ad”! They are absolutely beautiful! But more than that they are so sweet and laid back! They have to be the most laid back people I have yet to meet! Their very presence was so calming not to mention their continuous laughter with one another is something to be desired! They truly encompass humility and should beauty. They exude a sweet presence of Jesus and a spirit that is truly inspirational. Each of them. And seriously what an amazing little girl they are raising – she was fun, energetic, and an extremely great listener! I was so impressed! What an awesome job they are doing and I have no doubt baby number 2 on the way will be just as sweet! Thank you so much sweet family for allowing me the privilege to spend the morning with you! You are truly breath of fresh air and I know that all are impacted by your kind hearts everywhere you go!

Here are a few of my favs!

jennings 1-2
jennings 1-3
jennings 1-4
jennings 1-5
jennings 1-6
jennings 1-7
jennings 1-8
jennings 1-9
jennings 1-10
jennings 1-11
jennings 1-12
jennings 1-13
jennings 1-14
jennings 1-15
jennings 1-16
jennings 1-17
jennings 1-18
jennings 1-19
jennings 1-20
jennings 1-21
jennings 1-22
jennings 1-23
jennings 1-24


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