Family Session+Yorktown,VA

Meet the Herriott’s! They are a fun loving, hilarious, energetic bunch! Seriously, I think I had more fun than they did! They kept me laughing the whole time! I love it! I love families with such joy and truly this families is contagious! I felt so refreshed leaving this session 🙂 The laughter they display is a reflection of the tenderness and love they feel for one another 🙂 and I also love a family that knows how to tell some jokes! Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously and this family is a reminder that life should be lived by the day and 100% in the moment! I love you guys! Thanks for allowing me to be apart of your day! It was such a privilege!

Here are a few of my favs!

charleen 1-2
charleen 1-3
charleen 1-4
charleen 1-5
charleen 1-6
charleen 1-7
charleen 1-8
charleen 1-9
charleen 1-10
charleen 1-11
charleen 1-12
charleen 1-13
charleen 1-14
charleen 1-15
charleen 1-16
charleen 1-17
charleen 1-18
charleen 1-19
charleen 1-20
charleen 1-22


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