Lovebirds. Norfolk,VA+photo session

Meet the lovebirds 🙂 Cody and Jackie…one of the most stunning couples ever! I believe that to be stunning means way more than skin deep (which these totally have amazing genes ;)) But being stunning encompasses more it is a kind personality, uniqueness, individuality, and a freedom of self expression that truly displays with grace the most beautiful portrait of oneself. Both Cody and Jackie are STUNNING. Their lives capture every ounce of what it means to be stunning. I love them both dearly and this little session was how they choose to celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary! What better way then with moments in time that will last forever 🙂 I love these guys!

Here are a few of my favs!

CJ 1
CJ 2
CJ 3
CJ 4
CJ 5
CJ 6-2
CJ 6
CJ 7
CJ 8
CJ 9
CJ 10
CJ 11
CJ 12
CJ 13
CJ 14
CJ 15
CJ 16
CJ 17
CJ 18
CJ 19
CJ 20
CJ 21


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