The Big REVEAL! Yorktown,VA+Family Session

What is better than having a baby? Having 2! Duh! Well, I had the privilege of capturing a beautiful family as they learned they were having not ONE but TWO baby girls!! That’s right all glitter and pink for this already family of 3! Dad is proud yet perhaps a little nervous as he will now have 3 little girls to love on:) I can tell he will be great at it! Mom is excited and ready to meet these little loves so they can meet their Big Sister ๐Ÿ™‚ And Big sister Berlin is excited because twin girls means Pink Lollipops to celebrate! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though this gorgeous family is over the moon excited and much more so am I! There is something so beautiful and incredibly humbling about pregnancy and parenthood. It truly is a gift! One that I know these parents are thrilled, excited, and anxiously awaiting! Life may change when you become a parent but the blessings that come with children is so lasting. It is the most precious miracle and to be able to have more than one especially at one time is truly a miracle! God is good in this…that even in our fear of what will it be like with multiples he is gracious and somehow we find the strength to carry on and I think many times even surprise ourselves. His grace is sufficient. This family is incredibly blessed and incredibly beautiful!! Just look and see!

Here are a few of my favs!!

Berlin 5-2
Berlin 5
Berlin 6
Berlin 7
Berlin 8
Berlin 9
Berlin 1
Berlin 2-3
Berlin 2
Berlin 4
Berlin 10
Berlin 11
Berlin 12
Berlin 13
Berlin 14
Berlin 15
Berlin 16
Berlin 17
Berlin 18
Berlin 19
Berlin 20
Berlin 21
Berlin 22
Berlin 23
Berlin 24
Berlin 26
Berlin 27
Berlin 28
Berlin 30
Berlin 31
Berlin 32
Berlin 33
Berlin 34
Berlin 35
Berlin 36
Berlin 37


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