2 Ways to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions this Year



So of course we are just a couple days away from the New Year! How is that even possible?! Did a whole year really just fly by?

No doubt your year was full of good, bads, and all the just in betweens. I do hope you have plenty more GOODS this year than bads…!

I wanted to take a little moment to write a little post—-

1. To thank all my lovely clients for loving on me and choosing me to share in their special moments throughout 2015 and I am believing your 2016 is full of more beautiful moments! I also hope to share in some of those moments with you as well meet some of you new people too!! That is perhaps my most fav as I look back all the people that I get the pleasure to hang out with 🙂

2. I don’t usually do New Years resolutions. Honestly….If I may be completely honest- I suck at keeping them. There I said it! And then when I don’t keep them I get all emotionally slumped or better yet I just quit before the results even have had a chance to roll in. Anyone else feel me?

So this year..I am committing to make some personal “goals” for myself, for my little business, and mostly for my main purpose as a wife and mom. And of course my husband and I will sit down together and do the same make some “family goals” some “marriage goals” some “financial goals” and some many other goal type things 🙂 You know the drill. And odds are we will fall short on some of them but my hope is we stick to most of them.

I think the best way to do this is by creating “goals” for yourself that are attainable. Set the standard and expectation high so you have something to look to but do not be so unrealistic you are doomed before you begin. Also, make both short and long term goals. IF all our goals are long term it becomes difficult to see them through with no real results right now. We are the microwave generation after all…so treat yourself kindly and make some short ones you can punch in the face quick!

Write your goals out and make them plain and put them in plain site…EVERYWHERE if your like me. On those days when you feel like giving in because those will come…you can see those goals. And be in it to win it! Get some others involved. Serve others goals too! It will be so much more fun to do life with people and not only accomplish your goals but help others accomplish theirs as well! After all who doesn’t like to celebrate twice as much?!

3. BUT MY MAIN if I stick to no other goals this year is to STICK to this one:

Say Goodbye to that “Jones’s” mentality.

Now if your last name is Jones please know I love you and this is not about you at all 😉

We have heard the expression “keeping up with the Jones’s” or maybe in our day it should be the “Kardashians”…Anywho you get my drift.

Our society has become so self absorbed and mandated standards that somehow we adopt and let dictate our joy if we are not careful. And now may be I’m the only one who does this…….moment of silence…odds are if you own any social media site you catch yourself here too.

You know the perfect house on Pinterest .The perfect clothes she wears…Their perfect little family and little kids who behave like the angels meanwhile your house is trashed, your clothes are second hand and your kids well…lets just leave that blank. You get the picture though right?

Truth is, I have been here so much this year. And truth is social media lies. ALOT. And we are all guilty. Lets be honest it’s mostly the highlight reel of ourlives which I am not bashing because I want to see your pretty house, your beautiful shoes, and your lovely kids…WE need to see that! But when it threatens to steal our own purpose, leaves us questioning that which we have and makes us desperate to live a different life then maybe it’s time for some resolve.

So for me…I want to make an honest effort though I know at times it will be tough and difficult and no doubt I will crash and burn at it at times to truly keep up with no one. I want to be inspired and motivated by others but leave the Comparison at the door. What I have been given is enough. And though I strive for more and for better the realization that at the end of the day what I have is enough and it is good.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

And I am convinced it is the thief of many other aspects of our lives including our attitude and even our God designed purpose. Don’t let comparison rule your 2016- Who is with me?!

We may just become more creative and the very best version of ourselves we can imagine this upcoming year!


Cheers to a NEW YEAR with A NEW YOU perfectly lovely the way you are 🙂


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