Live with Lindsay (Talking about Pregnancy & Infant Loss)




Hi Friends,

What a beautiful opportunity to have my friend Lindsay join me Live. It was truly a pleasure and I feel so thankful that she would choose to share her story with me and with all of you. October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Lindsay has had her fair share of dealing with miscarriage and all that goes along with that hard journey. She is still walking in it today but has some really encouraging insight in the journey that she is walking. In this Live video she shares her thoughts, feelings, emotions, and encouragement with us that if you too have experienced or are experiencing it I think will bring hope. We do hope you feel loved and encouraged friends. Mostly, know you are not alone.

She has also taken the time to share some scripture references with us too which I will be posting here for you to seek out for yourself!

Thank you Lindsay for your heart and for sharing your story.

Scriptures for Meditation:

*Psalm 46:10

*Psalm 62:2

*Romans 12:12

*Esther 4:4

*James 1:2-11

*Daniel 3:18




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