Family Maternity Session+Richmond,VA

This sweet session is near and dear to my heart. My sweet friend Megan has been my very best friend since middle school. Since that awkward first day in the cafeteria where I sat alone at a table hoping for a friend to chat with. Middle school is tough and making friends can be so tough. But this girl..we had lunch together and it had to have been a God destined friendship the rest is history. WE quickly became the best of friends. Countless sleep overs, vacations together, classes together, college together, dorm roomates, to get married in the same month. There is so much goodness shared between us. No doubt endless secrets and inside jokes and I don’t think I have ever had a friend quite like her. If you find a friend as rare hold on to it. Even if distance and life grows you apart some make an effort to stay binded because a friendship as such dare I say only comes around once in a lifetime. Well, enough of the sappy haha…this session was a pleasure and honor as Megan and her sweet little family are about to add a new addition to their already perfect family and I for one could not be more excited!! I love you friends!!

Here are a few of my favs!




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